Author Visit January 20th for 3rd – 5th Grade

Author Lois Ruby

8:45am  3rd grade and 4th-Ballinger and Johnson

10am  5th grade and 4th- Davis and Misialek

Lois Ruby, author of 19 books for children and teens, will visit our school on  January 20th . YOU can purchase one or more of her books and have them autographed and ready for you the day she visits!

Print this form:Lois Ruby BookOrderSendHomeForm.2015 (1)

Return to Mrs. Cohlmia  by January 18th  with cash or a check made out to Lois Ruby (tax and shipping are included in the price). Also indicate to whom you would like the book autographed.

portrait lois ruby

Lois Ruby’s favorite saying:



Is it easy to get a book published?Not for me. Just about every one of my books has been rejected, some 15 or 20 times. My rule is, if three different editors turn the book down, I read it carefully to see what needs to be fixed. With the help of my critique groups, I fix it and try again.

How long does it take you to write a book?From the first glimmering of an idea (in the form of a character), through the thinking, the research, the first draft, and the rewrites, figure on three to five years. I’ve actually worked on one book for 25 years and haven’t gotten it right yet.

Isn’t it boring working on one book for so long?I’m usually researching one book, writing another, and revising a third all around the same time. That keeps me from going nuts with boredom.

Do you write on a computer?I write every scene really fast, with a nice pointy pen on the back of used paper. Then I start slowly revising the scene as I type it into my Mac.

So, do you revise a lot?You decide: does 10 or 15 revisions for each book seem like a lot to you?


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