1st – 5th Grade Wetlands Class Schedule

Below is the schedule for Fall Wetlands. Please check the weather forecast to make sure your child comes dressed ready to be outside with appropriate shoes and clothing.  Your teacher will provide more specific times if you’d like to accompany your student’s class to the Wetlands!

If you are interested in helping in the Wetlands for a half day shift, please come to our brief training on Monday, Oct 9th at 8:30am in the PTO room, room 508.

Wednesday, Oct. 11:

Davis, Johnston, Reding, Walker, Choffin

Thursday, Oct. 12:

Moreland, Ramsey, Milligan, Martin, Williams, Harms, George, Smith

Friday, Oct. 13:

Ballinger, Evans, Schmiedeberg, Linder, Dudley, Himes

Tuesday, Oct. 17:

Johnson, Eckman, McVay, James, Waters, Wagner, Sadeghy