Spring Movie Night and FUN-draising Parties

Join us on April 13th at 6pm for our annual FREE family movie night.  This year, we will be viewing Ferdinand!  It’s always a fun event, and this year will be no different!  More details to come, but doors open at 6pm.

We will also have be having our FUN-draising parties too!  What exactly is a FUN-draising party? It’s where you can purchase a ticket to a fun gathering hosted either by teachers or other Northern Hills families.  It’s a great way to allow your child to have a fun and unique experience as well as to support Northern Hills PTO.

How can you help? We need hosts for parties!  Typically, there are parties for each upcoming grade levels (going into kinder, going into 4th, etc), but there are really no stipulations on who the audience needs to be or what the party needs to look like.  Gather a group of other fun parents and act as hosts for a party, whether it be a painting party, a soccer party, a pool party, or a silly string party.  Typically, a party has about 5-7 hosts to split the cost of the event, and the parties are held during the summer, but there are no rules about this either!  We don’t want to stifle anyone’s creativity!  Please contact Valery Wright at valeryjwright@yahoo.com for more info  or to volunteer as a host.  Please let Valery know by April 5th if you’ll be hosting a party so we can prepare.

NEW THIS YEAR!!  All parent-hosted parties will be signed up for (and paid) the night of the movie, Friday, April 13th.  This is the same as always!  Since the teacher-hosted parties are limited in number for attendees, and we recognize that families potentially have other obligations on Fridaynights, all teacher-hosted parties will be posted ONLINE on Saturday, April 14th, at 6am for purchase on our regular Husky Pup shopping page.  This will allow for everyone to have an equal opportunity to purchase a ticket for their student in a teacher party regardless of attendance at movie night. We are excited about the change to allow more fair access to the teacher parties and hope you are too!  Remaining spots in family-hosted parties will be available online approximately a week after movie night. Stay tuned to the Husky Pup Facebook page for announcements when these remaining spots go live.