ALERT: All classes/activities canceled Tuesday, Feb. 19 due to a storm which is expected to bring freezing rain, sleet and snow.

Spring Wetlands

View the class schedule below to learn when your child will attend Wetlands this spring. Please remember to check the weather forecast to make sure your student comes dressed to be outside with appropriate shoes and ready to explore! Parents are welcome to come explore the Wetlands with their students as well.

Tuesday,  May 1:

(8:45) Ballinger, (10:25) J. Smith, (11:15) Johnson, (12:30) Harms, (1:20) Dudley, (2:10) Moreland

Wednesday, May 2:

(9:35) Reding, (10:25) Wagner, (11:15) Johnston, (12:45) Sadeghy, (1:20) Ramsey, (2:10) Choffin

Thursday, May 3:

(9:35) Davis, (11:15) Milligan, (12:30) Walker, (1:20) George,

(2:10) Linder

Friday, May 4:

(9:00) Evans, (9:40) Eckman, (10:40) McVay, (11:15) Schmiedeberg, (12:45) James, (1:20) Himes, (2:10) Waters

Thanks so much, and we know the students are excited!!