Art Show Work Day April 26

We will be displaying the Meet the Masters artwork the children have created this year for two weeks in the spring at Northern Hills (beginning April 26 – the Art Show will be on display during Muffins with Misses and the BOGO book fair). We need lots of help to prep and hang the artwork! We will have a work day from 8:15am until 3:15pm (or until we are finished – whichever comes first!) on Friday, April 26 in the PTO room. Please sign up if you can help for any or all of the day.  Every hour helps. Terri will bring the chocolate!

Please consider sorting the artwork for your class (or any class!) in advance of the work day.  Sorting a class involves going through the artwork, choosing one piece for each child and labeling it with a ‘blue ribbon’ with the child’s name.  There are instructions for sorting artwork as well as materials needed (class rosters, markers, tape, ribbons) in a plastic tub in the PTO room in the Meet the Masters area.  Any volunteer can drop by the PTO room any time and sort artwork in advance of the workday.  The workday will go much more quickly if we have most of the classes sorted in advance.  Thanks so much for your help!!