NH Guidelines for Parent Drop-Off and Pick-up


  • Breakfast ~ Students who eat breakfast may be dropped off by the west porch beginning at 7:55am.  Please do not drop off students earlier, they will NOT be supervised.

  • Pre-K thru 2nd Grade ~ If your child is not eating breakfast, please drop off by the east Pre-K doors after 8:05am. 

  • 3rd – 5th Grade ~  If your child is not eating breakfast, please drop off by the west porch after 8:05a.m.

  • After 8:20am ~ Everyone should enter the main entrance as others will be locked for the beginning of the school day.

  • There will be two separate (drop-off only) loops of traffic.  See map below with Green lines for Pre-K loop and Blue line for Big-loop.  This flow allows for traffic to keep moving without the two loops crossing over one another. Please follow the entrance and exit directions so as to avoid turning in-front of other cars or overlapping traffic lines.


  • School Bus ~ Children are walked to bus lines in the cafeteria where they wait until their bus arrives, at which time they are walked by duty teachers and 5th Grade Safety Patrol to the bus lane on the west end of the building.  The street along the west of the building (Chartrand) is reserved for bus and daycare pick up.

  • Car Riders ~ Those parents who choose to pick up their child, need to approach the school going WEST down Wayne and turn right into the main parking lot in front of the building.  (To eliminate traffic jams, left turns off of Wayne Street into the parking lot are not permittedduring dismissal times.)  Please see map below for the pick up flow.

    • ONLY Pre-K children will be picked-up from the Pre-K Circle (east loop) all other students will be picked up from the large loop.  Siblings will NOT be dismissed with Pre-K students as Pre-K dismisses at 2:45pm and school dismisses for K-5 at 3:15pm. 

    • You will receive a GREEN sentence strip for you to write your child’s name and grade in LARGE, BOLD, BLACK letters.  The sign should be attached to the passenger side visor (Velcro dots or a child’s pant hanger hanging from the rear view mirror work well.)   Please flip down the visor so our staff may see the name(s).

    • Pull forward to the farthest marked pick-up station (Numbered 1,2,3,4,5) and your child will be loaded into your car.  (If needed, please pull forward to buckle your student.)

    • If you choose to walk up to retrieve your child, your GREENsentence strip will be required to have your child released.  A teacher will collect your sentence strip, retrieve your child from the designated areas and bring him/her out to you.  If you do not have your GREEN strip with you, you will be required to show your I.D. to personnel in the office in order for the child to be released. (See parking note at bottom)

    • Students will never be allowed to cross the parking lot alone to go to a waiting car.  Providing a safe dismissal plan is our first priority.

  • Walkers ~ Students who walk home will be dismissed at 3:15pm and are expected to immediately walk home.  Please remind your child to walk home quickly and safely and not hang around to visit with friends.  



There are many parents wishing to check their student out at the end of the day.  To ensure your child’s safety, we will not be checking out students after 3:00pm.  If you are wishing to make changes to your child’s transportation the office must be notified prior to 2:30pm to ensure they receive the message in the classroom before dismissal procedures begin. 

Please be mindful of our neighborhood streets.  Parking from 8:00-4:00pm is prohibited (and enforced & ticketed), and we should utilize the designated parking at the west end of N.H.