Class Holiday Parties

Classroom parties will be occurring over the next few weeks.  More info will be coming from your teacher and/or homeroom parent.  Be watching your email!

All parents are welcome to attend classroom parties.  Please remember that parking on the streets around the school is not allowed during the school day, but additional parking is available to the west of Northern Hills in a shared UCO parking lot.  See below for your student’s date and time.


  • A.M. – Fri, Dec. 13 (10:30-11:00)
  • All Day – Fri, Dec. 13 (2:00-2:30)


  • Thur, Dec. 19 (12:20-1:15)

1st Grade

  • Thur, Dec. 19 (1:30-2:00)

2nd Grade

  • Fri, Dec. 20 (2:30-3:00)

3rd Grade

  • Thur, Dec. 19 (9:30-10:00)

4th Grade

  • Fri, Dec. 20 (1:45-2:15)

5th Grade

  • refer to your 5th grade newsletter