Wetlands Restoration In Progress!!!!

Our PTO has been hard at work getting things lined out to restore the overgrown Wetlands back to a fantastic outdoor learning space! We are excited to see the transformation finally in progress!

The initial cleanup, tree trimming, removal of dead shrubs and fallen limbs, and general weeding of the grounds is done. Our friends at Red Earth Landscaping have the messy grounds cleared and you can see the edge of the pond once more.

Last Friday, we began the first step towards reclaiming the pond from cattails. Our friends at Robison Wildlife Solutions bravely waded in the pond (yep, up to their thighs in stinky gross pond water muck), clearing paths in the cattails, cleaning out trash, and prepping the pond for treatment. Progress is underway!!!

Be on the lookout for repair work being done on the gazebo, boardwalk, and fencing, as well as, step-two of the pond cleanup.

Big picture