COVID Quarantines and Isolations for Covid +, Exposure & Symptomatic Students

Students can be required to quarantine if a student tests positive and or has had a close-contact exposure. Please let us know immediately if your child has tested positive (Angel Gaston, 405-340-2975),

Please also be aware of quarantine possibilities when your child has multiple unexplained symptoms.

The following symptoms are considered HIGH-RISK Covid-19 symptoms:

∙ Uncontrollable Cough

∙ Loss of Taste and Smell

∙ Difficulty Breathing or Shortness of Breath

The following symptoms are considered LOW-RISK Covid-19 Symptoms:

∙ Fever or Chills

∙ Body Aches or Fatigue

∙ Congestion or Runny Nose

∙ Vomiting, Diarrhea, Nausea or Loss of Appetite

∙ Severe Headache

∙ Sore Throat

If an individual is showing at least 1 high-risk symptom or 2 or more low-risk symptoms and the symptom cannot be explained by other causes, the individual will be sent home for 10 days of isolation beginning at symptom onset.

Individuals that are sent home to isolate, may choose to follow up with a medical provider. If the individual receives an alternative diagnosis ruling out Covid-19 (I.E. Strep, Flu, Bronchitis) or receives a negative Covid-19 test result, they may return to the site 24-hrs after symptom resolution or in accordance with existing school procedures. If choosing to return after an alternative diagnosis or negative test result, documentation must be provided to the office prior to or on the morning of your return. No documentation is required if completing the 10-day isolation.

Day of Isolation begins the day following the onset of symptoms. Email communication will be sent when this occurs with a timeline of return.