Gentle Arrival and Dismissal Reminders

  • Always go to the end of the line. If you get in line in front of others, you will be missed by our Car Entry person and your child will not be upfront and waiting on you. Stay in line and wait your turn, please.
  • There are NO left turns in front of the school. Everyone must get in line.
  • There are NO parent walk-ups. All parent walk-ups that occur after the check-out deadline of 2:45 will be asked to go get in the Car Line.
  • There are no transportation changes after 2:45. At 2:45 we begin our internal dismissal procedures and do not have extra adults to get students.
  • PreK parents – use your hazard lights to indicate to others you need to go around.
  • K-5 parents, please line up AFTER 3:10. This allows our PreK families to pick up at their designating time of 2:55. Please be courteous and allow them to enter the small loop to pick up their child.
  • Just a reminder – you must have a Car Rider+ tag to pick your child up.