Our Spring Spectacular is right around the corner. Along with fun, games, Book Fair and much, much more, we will be having our FUN-draising parties too! What exactly is a FUN-draising party? It’s where you can purchase a ticket to a fun gathering hosted by other Northern Hills families. It’s a great way to allow your child to have a fun and unique experience as well as to support Northern Hills PTO.


How can you help? We need hosts for parties! Typically, there are parties for each upcoming grade levels (going into kinder, going into 4th, etc), but there are really no stipulations on who the audience needs to be or what the party needs to look like. Gather a group of other fun parents and act as hosts for a party, whether it be a painting party, a soccer party, a pool party, or a silly string party. Typically, a party has about 5-7 hosts to split the cost of the event, and the parties are held during the summer, but there are no rules about this either! We don’t want to stifle anyone’s creativity! Please contact Sarah Majors at president@northernhillspto.com for more info or to volunteer as a host. Please let Sarah know by March 31st if you’ll be hosting a party so we can prepare.

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