EPS Eats

About EPS Eats

Current federal and state regulations allow the school district’s Child Nutrition Program to provide meals for ANY child age 18 and younger.

Initially: These district-sponsored meal-giving locations were only permitted to be set up within the attendance areas of Ida Freeman Elementary and Sunset Elementary. (See the section below titled Meals Provided by EPS Child Nutrition for these meals.)


State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister and her team applied for a waiver from the federal government that would allow the EPS Child Nutrition department to serve meals in more attendance areas. The federal waiver was granted on March 30! We are currently in the process of securing additional staff and products in order to be able to to add more meal-giving locations.

In the meantime, we are so grateful for the assistance that community partners are providing!

Note: Community partners are not required to follow the same guidelines as the EPS Child Nutrition department. Therefore, their meals, service times, etc. will look different from what is provided by our school district. They also may not be able to sustain providing this service for the entire duration of this pandemic.

Where To Get Meals

Meals Provided by EPS Child Nutrition

We encourage families to not use it as a convenience so we can continue to meet the community’s ongoing needs.


Reeds Landing Apartments (1201 Fretz Ave)

Lamplighter Village (500 S. State Street)


Coffee Creek Apartments (501 W. 15th Street)

Uni-City Mobile Home (900 Fretz Avenue)


Ida Freeman (501 W. Hurd Street)

Sunset (400 W. 8th Street)

Wind Rush Apartments (200 W. 15th Street)

These sites will serve from 12:30p – 1:00p, beginning Monday, April 20th.
Ida Freeman (open now)
Sunset (open now)
Angie Debo (begins Apr 20th)
Frontier (begins Apr 20th)
Heritage (begins Apr 20th)
Northern Hills (begins Apr 20th)
Orvis Risner (begins Apr 20th)

Meals Provided by Community Partners

If your child attends a school that has a Community Partner who is offering meals, your school administrators will share that information. Meals from Community Partners will be available as supplies last.

We would like to thank these wonderful Community Partners. Thank you so much for all you do for our students and community!

Edmond Church of Christ

First United Methodist Church of Edmond

First Christian Church of Edmond

Memorial Road Church of Christ

New Covenant Church

Quail Springs Baptist Church

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church