Children’s Sequoyah Masterlist for 2018-2019

Students in Grades 3 through 5 must read or listen to 3 or more titles to vote in March 2019.   In order to attend the Northern Hills Sequoyah Celebration in May students in 3rd grade must read 6 books, 4th grade must read 7 books and 5th grade 8 books.
Students are in charge of “registering” to vote. This requires the student to come to the media center, log the title which they have read or heard and complete a paper on the story elements, forms can be found on the Sequoyah shelf in the library or printed from link below.  All of this procedure is explained and practiced during a library lesson at the beginning of the school year.  Students are welcome to get a head start during the summer!

      Helpful Links:

Offical site for Sequoyah Award

Dear Parents of Third end of school letter


2018-19 Children’s Sequoyah Books

1. Wishtree by Katherine Applegate
2. Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library by Linda Bailey
3. Crooked Sixpence by Jennifer Bell
4. Ivy by Katherine Coville
5. Dirt by Denise Gosliner Orenstein
6. Superstar by Mandy Davis
7. Genevieve’s War by Patricia Reilly Giff
8. Great Treehouse War by Lisa Graff
9. Someday Suitcase by Corey Ann Haydu
10. Snow & Rose by Emily Winfield Martin
11. Sergeant Reckless by Patricia McCormick
12. How to Be An Elephant by Katherine Roy
13. Lemons by Melissa Savage
14. Joplin Wishing by Diane Stanley
15. Dog Like Daisy by Kristin O’Donnell Tubb