Counselors’ Corner

May 2021

Dear Northern Hills Family,

We want to let you know what we covered in April and what we will be covering in May during our SEAL/Guidance lessons. 


In April, our Pre-K-1st lesson centered on the book by Julia Cook, I HAVE ANTS IN MY PANTS!  We taught  how to self regulate and get the wiggles out when you need to be learning.  2nd graders were taught cooperation skills using the book by Anuska Allepuz, That Fruit is Mine!  They practiced team work by decoding hidden messages.  3rd-5th were taught test taking tips, and calming techniques using a Jeopardy style game.  


In May, we will be teaching PK-2nd Safety lessons on how to keep safe in the  summer, at home, school, play and personal safety. We will be teaching similar safety lessons to 3rd – 5th in addition to social media and internet etiquette.   Our 5th graders will also be taught Middle School prep and practice on combination locks. 


We enjoyed teaching and working with your children this year!   Have a very safe and relaxing summer break!!!




Tracy Hill M.Ed.

Addie Reutter M.Ed.