Counselors Corner

February 2021

Dear Husky Pup Families,


February may be a shorter month, but contains so many important and fun events!!!  We are celebrating Black History Month, GroundHog Day, (we will not let the fact that Phil saw his shadow dampen our spirits), Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays, and Valentines Day!   Words can not express the gratitude felt when watching our students and staff embrace all of the necessary changes we have made and continue to make to provide a safe learning environment for our students and each other.   

Our guidance lessons for 4th and 5th are about resilience.  The book we are using is called, Rosie Revere Engineer.  After the students learn what resilience means we give examples  how to become resilient.  Goal setting is also taught.  Our students write a goal they want to work toward and the first step they are going to do that will enable them to reach their goal.   PreK through 3rd lessons are about problems, using the book, Size of the Problem.  They are being taught we will always have problems, there are small, medium and large problems.  Some problems we can solve by ourselves, but there are times we need our family, teachers and counselors to help.  Our reaction to a problem should match the size of the problem!  We are also pulling from a lesson we previously taught, Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings.  It explains how our thoughts and feelings work together.  One of the books we are using is All Are Welcome.  Teaching children we are all welcomed at school with open arms no matter our race, religion or background.  This book celebrates kindness, inclusivity in a joyous manner.  


We are here if you need us, always feel free to contact us.

Stay Warm!!!


Tracy Hill M.Ed.   726-3603  

Addie Reutter M.Ed.  726-3648