Counselor’s Corner

It has been so good seeing everyone after the long break from school. I have some exciting news!  Northern Hills has a part time counselor this year!  Her name is Addie Reutter, she will be here on Mondays and Thursdays. In addition to the changes this year, Guidance has a new name, SEAL (Social Emotional Academic Learning). 


If your child or children are having difficulty with the school year schedule, here are some ideas that might help make it a bit smoother. Go over the new school schedule with your child, review school policies, bus rules, and look over the school calendar.  Anything you can do to let your child know what is expected will help.


Consistent attendance and being on time are very important.  Have your child pick out their clothes the night before, place backpacks in a convenient spot and make lunch plans.  I hope these little tips will help the morning run more smoothly.


Express interest in your child’s curriculum.  Encourage further exploration of concepts and integrate learning into everyday activities.  For example, you might save your mail and have your child locate the postmarked city/state on the map and learn some facts about that area.  You could chart the mileage you drive and figure a weekly total.  Make a game of things you both enjoy and build your child’s academic skills at the same time!


Have a special “study or homework place” for your child.  Provide a regularly scheduled homework and reading time each day.  If there is not homework, use the time to review the day’s lessons and new concepts.  Play word or number games, practice new skills to prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.


Encourage your child to set goals for the year.  Ask what they would like to be able to do better by winter break, or what they wish to improve.  Have a folder of their work to compare beginning levels with current levels.  Help your child reach realistic expectations and honest self-evaluations.


It is my hope this year will be full of successful learning experiences. Although this school year is very different, it is going to be a great school year!

If I can be of any help, please call or email me.   


Tracy Hill, M. Ed.

Northern Hills Counselor    726-3603