Counselors’ Corner
October 2022

Dear Families,

Happy Fall to All!!! Apple cider, caramel apples, and crisp mornings are here! October is safety month.   Lessons this month will be over personal, physical and emotional safety, as well as strangers, fire prevention,and social media safety. Students will also get to participate in Red Ribbon Week by dressing up and learning how to keep their bodies healthy. In addition, Trick-or-Treat safety will also be discussed as well as continuing with lessons through the Second Step Curriculum.        


On Friday, October 7th, our Edmond Firemen will visit our Kindergarten Classes.  A fireman will dress up in his gear so the children know what it looks like if there is a need in your homes.

PK is has a parent, who is a fireman, he will be giving them a safety lesson.

Red Ribbon Week – October 24th – 28th

Monday 24th: We are Proud to be Drug Free: Wear red to help kickoff Red Ribbon Week. 

Tuesday 25th: Peace Out to Drugs: Wear peace signs and/or tie dye!

Wednesday 26th:Team Up Against Drugs: Wear your favorite sports shirt or jersey!

Thursday 27th: Lei Off Drugs: Wear a lei and/or a Hawaiian shirt!

Friday 28th: Husky Pups Make Healthy Choices: Wear your husky pup gear!


  • Never take anything from a stranger (someone you do not know) such as food or money
  • Never accept rides from strangers
  • Never walk alone – use the buddy system
  • Take the safest route to and from school
  • Always tell your parents/teachers if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable
  • When a stranger calls on the phone, never tell them if your parents are not home
  • Parents should have their work numbers, emergency numbers and numbers of trusted neighbors posted in a place children can easily see

Trick or Treat Safety:  For those who participate

  • Go Trick or Treating with an adult – never alone                                             
  • Do not go to homes of people you do not know
  • Only go to homes with the porch light on
  • Carry a flashlight
  • Select a costume that fits properly and does not block vision
  • Do not cross the street between parked cars – cross only at intersections
  • Walk – don’t run – when crossing the street
  • Look carefully – both ways – when approaching a driveway – watch for cars pulling in and out 
  • Do not eat candy until you are home and your parents go through your treats
  • Throw away any open or homemade treats – including beverages 

Wishing all of our Husky Pup families a wonderful and restful Fall Break!!!                                                                           

Sincerely your counselors,   

Tracy Hill 726-3580  &  Jeannie Moore – 726-3641