Counselors’ Corner

May 2022


Dear Northern Hills Family,

It has been a very busy school year, so thankful we were in school for the entire year!

In April, K-2nd were taught about different ways that we communicate with each other when a problem arises (passive, aggressive, or assertive). In these lessons, students learned how to use their assertive voice when struggling with peer conflict.

3rd-5th finished up their lessons on the functions of the brain. We went over lessons on Bully/Teasing. Being aware of bully behaviors and how teasing can be perceived as bullying. Lessons on test taking tips, and calming techniques were completed just in time for the state tests.

In May our lessons for K-2nd will be on Summer Safety. These lessons will include the following: how to protect themselves from the sun, safe ways to play outside, and how to make sure they are safe near large bodies of water. 3rd – 5th lessons will cover Summer Safety, which includes, water safety, fire prevention, safety at home, social media and internet etiquette.

We enjoyed teaching and working with your children this year! Have a very safe and relaxing summer break!!!


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Jean Vicari M.Ed. 405-726-3641